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Multimedia incorporates text, images, audio, music, animation, and video in technology projects that inform or present information for enjoyment. The 2016 Multimedia Fair will display student-created multimedia projects and announce winners of a contest for multimedia projects. The community is invited to attend this event and enjoy the display of projects.


  • Video Game Design

  • Digital Art

  • Motion Media (Must not exceed 3 minutes in length)

  • Digital Music Design (Must not exceed 3 minutes in length)

  • Web Design

  • Digital Presentation (Must not exceed 3 minutes in length)


Step One:  Complete an entry form for an Individual Project. Click the following link -

                      OR   Complete an entry form for a Group Project. Click the following link -

Step Two:  Submit an electronic file of your completed project to your campus librarian.

Step Three:  If your project is accepted, then you will submit a Release Form and an Administrative Acknowledgement Form to your campus librarian.

Contest Deadline March 28, 2017

2017 Multimedia Fair 
    Wednesday, May 24, 2017        Time:  TBA        Location: Veterans Memorial 
    All entrants will have the opportunity to display their projects and the wining projects will be showcased in a designated area.

Slide Show For Multimedia Fair

News & Announcements

Multimedia Fair 2018 Winners!!!

Friday’s Cheeseburgers      By: Roman Morales  1st Place Digital Music

The Jam       By: Josiah Vasquez  2nd Place Digital Music

Fredrick       By:Ethan Noriega     1st Place Interactive Poster

Save the Ocelots       By: Joslynn Prado  2nd Place Web Design          

(Click on the underlined title to see the project)