Woodlawn Circulation Information


  • Grade K -- Check out one book for the week and keep it in the classroom. Parents are invited to check out books for their family to read at home.
  • Grades 1 -- Check out two books for the week. Check with your librarian if, more books are needed. When parents give written permission to the teacher, those students may bring home one book at a time. The book should travel back in forth each day in the child's backpack.
  • Grade 2-5 -- Check out two books for the week. As the student completes Accelerated Reader Quizzes with 85% correct on their individual reading level as many as four books can be checked out. (This allows the children to reduce the minutes missing out of classroom instruction.)  The date the book is due is two weeks from the check out date.  Students should return checked out books prior to checking out a new book.
  • Student Library Orientation will be conducted for all classes prior to initial checkout. This lesson will include proper care for library books.


 Renewals are allowed.


A book is overdue the day after the due date.  The librarian follows up on outstanding over due books with a phone call, email or notice sent home in the Thursday packet. 


When a book is reported "lost," the Library issues a Lost/Damaged Book Notice to the student.  Checkout privileges are reduced to one book for the student until payment is made.  After payment, a receipt is issued, and the student may check out books.


All students are informed of the guidelines for taking care of books during orientation.  When a book is damaged, a student should return the book to the Library.  A Lost/Damaged Book Notice will be issued to the student.  When payment is made a receipt is issued and checkout privileges are reinstated.